Social Media #1 – Facebook Business Pages..Less is more.

I met with a client last week to discuss their social media marketing plan for Facebook.  More than one billion people use Facebook every day.  Businesses must be prepared to seize those opportunities daily.  My clients have been in business for over 7 years and they are both brilliant and creative individuals. As we reviewed the business website and social media options,  I was surprised to find that they had at least 4 Facebook business/ fan pages, and 3 profile pages. Thankfully,  at least two of the business pages were controlled by one profile which makes life a bit easier for them. Small businesses work very hard to ensure that customers have every option when trying to find them and this owner was no exception.  Customer service,  brand building and brand reputation are just three of the key elements a brand would need to utilize, when using social media as a business solution. Confusing prospective customers with multiple pages is not the way to win over clients.

The Problem

  • # 1- One business page was for their umbrella brand which  all of the additional brands are a part of.
  • # 2 –  A page for their main product
  • # 3 –  A page for their brick and mortar business
  • #4 –  Two fan pages
  • .#5 – Several personal pages were created to help monitor and release information for the pages because the client preferred to keep the personal and business pages separate.
  • #6 – The same fans on multiple pages.

The dissolution of the brand identity was complete. Trying to find this specific business or contact information would be difficult. The pages were all started at different times and not updated with the proper information.

Negative Impact – On SEO , Google Ranking , Competition ( a plus for them) , Facebook ranking and statistics affected by posting to the same content to the same customers ( timed for the same hour each day). Media Overload. Customers will tire of the overload of information from multiple pages and possibly unlike some of the pages.


  •  Less is more – Eliminate all of the pages except the brick and mortar page and the page for their exclusive product which was already under the control of a single profile. The Umbrella Brand should be a part of the Brick and Mortar Page and the Product Page. Less is more.
  •  Eliminate – Instead of using 3 different profiles to monitor each business page, eliminate the additional profile pages but  start a  two week campaign to let your followers know that you will be consolidating to a new page with a new campaign to consolidate marketing and promotion. Eliminating pages without informing your followers is also likely to cause some pain and consternation, hopefully temporary. Being organized and in control of your brand is more important.
  •  Business Profiles – Ideally, the average business should have one or two profile pages. One for business and one for personal use. I use one profile page to control all of my business pages, and my client pages. I am the admin on all of the pages and I control them from one profile page. The key to keeping everything separate is to always remember to turn on the business cap when posting for both pleasure and business and you should be fine.
  •  Personal Pages – The one or two profile pages can be used to control and build as many business pages as you need, once again only 1 or 2. Businesses need to find a way to clear the clutter and help customers find them easily.


Improvement of  SEO, Google rank, Facebook feed priority and customer interest. Brand identification should improve dramatically, having less means more gains for clients in the long run.   Being able to review Facebook Insights from only two pages makes identifying and targeting customers much easier. The marketing plan will be manageable.  Don’t forget to fill out the business page information 100% .   The Call To Action button must be done !  Last but not least an increase in sales ! If we can find you, identify your brand and buy product that brings a smile to your face !


Debra Gibson-Welch is a web developer and the social media marketing guru of DEEG Consulting based in Atlanta, GA